4200 Adams Center Road Fort Wayne, IN 46806-2933

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 8:00 - 2:00pm

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About Us

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Our employees use vehicles that we either buy from an auction, or from cars that we buy from customers that want to get rid of  their vehicles. Our place is 25 acres so it helps a great deal to have a ride to get from point A to point B, and if a customer needs to be taken to check out parts or to get their part they pulled, back to the building for check out.

Our loader operator takes his job seriously. This large machine does many things to help make our job easier, from moving a car inside to pull parts off of it. to crushing cars when its time to scrap them out, to placing a car in its resting spot to have parts pulled, to place cars on the drain to recycle fluids. Which we use the oil from

the vehicles to heat our building, gas to put in our employees yard rides they use in the yard to pull parts.

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We end load our vehicles so we don't damage any of the important parts of the car

YARD 11 004

The loader carefully places an inventoried vehicle on our drain rack.

YARD 11 005

Again, taking great care to make sure the vehicle is aligned correctly so it doesn't fall off.

YARD 11 006

It's now ready for fluids to be safely removed

Our employees take great care in removing a part that our customers order.

Mike takes great care in removing a part that our customers order.

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While we pull many parts for customers, we have customers that like to come and pull their own parts.

Here are one of our employees is checking to make sure he has pulled a good part

YARD 11 009 YARD 11 010

When it comes to these parts, we like to pull for the customer so they don't get hurt.

Here are one of our employees is checking to make sure he has pulled a good part.

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YARD 11 013

Our guys practice safety first, with wearing a hard hat when they are pulling parts.

Here, our employee is cutting off catalyrtic converters.

YARD 11 014

Our employee also has the fluids being drained into the correct containers.

YARD 11 015

Our loader is in the process of crushing a vehicle for scrap.

YARD 11 016
YARD 11 017

One car will help crush another when its time to leave our facility

YARD 11 018
YARD 11 021 YARD 11 020

Even though there were good parts on the car, they sometimes go to crush to make room for new arrivals

We house our tranny's inside to keep them out of the elements

We have a variety of late model cars to pick up from in parts

YARD 11 022
YARD 11 023
YARD 11 024

Different make and models throughout our 25 acres

They are all inventoried, so we can get the customer in the right direction and if we don't have a part that the customer needs we can get into recyclers inventory and bring it to our location.

The bins are covered to keep the elements out, they hold the core engines and tranny's that customers bring back.

YARD 11 027
YARD 11 028 YARD 11 026
YARD 11 029 YARD 11 030

We also hold tranny's inside the building as well.

We sell glass and we also do installs as well.

YARD 11 031

We also have many parts that we keep on hand so customers don't have to wait.

Our computer system will help tell us what interchange we can use for parts, as well as where the part is located in the yard

YARD 11 032

We also sell batteries at a much lower rate and they come with option for purchase 6 month warranty

You will see our delivery truck out on the road most days

Our friendly staff takes great pride in their jobs

YARD 11 033
YARD 11 034 YARD 11 035

Customers come and go. Most times only having to wait a short time to get their part

We have huge selection of inventory

Our racks store parts that we keep after we have crushed the rest of the vehicle.

YARD 11 036
YARD 11 037 YARD 11 038

Our rows are kept clean from clutter and completely concreted for a clean walk way

It may not be organized to the naked eye, but our computer tells us exactly  where everything is.

Our employee takes great care in doing glass installation for customers.

YARD 11 039
YARD 11 040 YARD 11 041

With a scheduled appointment it's only a matter of a couple of hours and the customer has a new or used windshield installed.

We have a large selection of glass to choose from and if we don't have it we are able to get a new one, so the customer won't have to have a broken glass in their vehicle.

When customer call, we look up the part they are requesting to see if we have it.

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YARD 11 043 YARD 11 044

We are always smiling with customer in front of us or on the phone. A smile can actually be felt through the conversation on the phone. We like to make the customer feel #1 with us.

We carefully inventory a car before we put it in our computer system to sell.

We want to make sure the customer recieves a good working part.

YARD 11 056
YARD 11 045 YARD 11 046

We also do a lot of shipping of parts daily. Taking great care in wrapping it up for security of the part getting to the customer in a good clean way.

We also mark and inventory those parts as well when they leave our facility

YARD 11 055 YARD 11 048

When a customer comes in with a broken part, we check out our inventory to see if we have what they need.

Customers are always happy after they hear, we have what they need

YARD 11 060

Customers can buy parts at a discounted rate compared to the rates of a dealership or to buying new on their own

YARD 11 047

Our goal is to make sure every customer leaves with a smile

Our staff is always busy working to make the experience of buying from us a good one

YARD 11 049
YARD 11 050

We have a huge selection of wheels to purchase from, for all of the pot holes we all tend to find.

We aso have number of sizes available in tires. The condition ranges from almost new to slightly used.

We mark our inventory so we can easily find it for anyone who is in a hurry

YARD 11 051
YARD 11 052

We sell anything related to the original making of the car

YARD 11 053

A lot of the parts are kept out of the weathered elements

YARD 11 054

We have door glass as new, to the most current model to the oldest of models

YARD 11 057

We house our engines inside and wrap them to keep them protected from the elements for when customer pick them up when we deliver them and when we have them shipped out of state.

YARD 11 059
YARD 11 061

We also do installation of our own parts at times when customer request for a nominal fee

Safety of our employees is important. They are like family.

All in all; we are all about recycling every part of a vehicle. We try and keep the most popular vehicles in our facility so customers don't have much of a wait on something they may need. But if they do need something special ordered it generally doesn't take more than a few days, weather permitting.


So please let our family take care of your families automotive needs.